Friday, September 19, 2008

From a Paranoid Letter

Cut up of a message sent to Mac Tonnies:

Leash. Go find it.

Program, based on criteria and an agenda. This list is it?
Op informed.

A fortuitous accident "random."
You really understand? I doubt a very sophisticated CI program in CI op informed topics.

All your experiences regarding how much you have been mentored error.
Isn't healthy to do so.
You confuse. Believe none of this.
I received a mind leash.
Examine fresh all topics.

This CI could name many names.
I received unknown.

The CI operatives have bigger than you can imagine false trails without help.
The CI operatives have a list leash.
Go find it.

I received a warning field.
An operative lives in those on this list.
Or is it?
Message is said with plausible deniability. Trails without help.
It is time to mentor and you have a mind leash. Vital step in games.
Or is it?

You with plausible deniability. Names once I respected.
None of this is true.
Several of your travels were your choice. Respected.

Accident "random" error
A quiet room unknown.
A fortuitous accident.

Go with plausible deniability.

You have a mind leash. Go down false trails without help. Names once I respected.

Operatives have a list and healthy to do so.
Time to mentor and influence.
Mentor and influence.

Do you really understand? Is either raving nonsense or really believe.
Confuse and travel down false topics.

Believe none of this effort.
I could name many names. All mind games.

Or lives in AZ.

Humanoid Reports and Green Fireballs

It flew past their position at in different ways, e.g., to appear involved in other ordinary physical frames. William T. alive and in her ordinary physical death. "I awoke standing by the spirit, when in the flesh, the irony of the incident . . the visual tangible appearances phenomenon" of 1948.

Appear as a child to his tribe when they saw a green North Carolina, but has something happened? When in the bed other encounters reported and then they might be themselves as not meteors. And then the object not remember putting on any past position at what seemed the new environment. Appear as a child Julia went on to say that once not a “friendly” being. It continually made its sort, he motioned for Suzanne doing research on witnesses, and then walked in the house a green light came. She said the pair watched a medical table during the day.

There were many apparent, and he described it in the house for about 3 gone. The witness claims and he described it as a parking lot, and little men. They took the baby girl still in sight and body forth the visual tangible fireballs were "not natural" . . is creative. We think the environment has phenomenon of 1948 (in New Mexico) and took off.

The witness, L. said that it was a medium height and only a bathroom in her mother’s house. She saw they were not William T. Stead, the prominent British spirit, when in the flesh, only little men in my ordinary physical frame.

They kept their eyes on out from the trees. They walked around and he described it, and the need is supplied.

A medical table at a low altitude, and at birth, Julia as a child. She saw only its side look at this object thinking it might be. Lounge bathroom quite unclothed as at birth, as well as their book on UFOs, and his "government sponsored" the corpse in the bed that she saw only down with the Titanic, after her the person still supplied.

Julia went still in the earthly life and walked around the tribe, looking at the Scott that had happened. When they thought that they are 5 months pregnant at the time, but in the direction of the La Paz and his 1948 (in what seemed to glide from the project an image of themselves) as the newcomer on that side. Having looked in the flesh and then took an open paddock body, then we need to use this thought-creation.

The witness, L. Davis, (involved in dead body) thinking I have to manifest ourselves to you the automatist wife doing research on person still in the earthly life anything like this was still alive and Suzanne to look our own purposes. Tribe, looking at the saw the corpse in the bed communicated, that they project an image to look in the direction of the Titanic. To appear as Carolina, but has never seen anything like it. He said it flew past again. She didn’t realize that human-like people were around. A moment. She said that which you need. The idea with us often sees meteors bathroom.

The witness reported encountering a very odd “dream” only when I saw the corpse.

They kept their eyes on the body, thinking I was still alive. The thought height dull darkish gray creature glide from in her mother’s house. She saw only visual tangible appearances with the sky. It landed it was gone. The day. There were many strange object, which then took off.

La Paz and his government sponsored something wrong until to look in the gray creature. Glide the lounge to the bathroom in her. Our conversation turned to Dr. "not natural" They are recognized. ground or not. It landed behind to say they were not meteors.
Scott also mentioned that he felt the object hit the trees. They walked around the tribe, not meteors.

An aboriginal happen to see one!

He often sees a green light spinning around looking at the witnesses, and then encountering a medium height before! Our mid chest shining with green light came encountering a medium height dull darkish gray sort, he motioned for Suzanne. Julia Ames communicated anything like this before. I do not remember putting The idea with us is creative. Claims she had the corpse in the bed as a child. A dull medium height.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

UFO/ Paranormal/ Mushrooms Cut up

Using a few of my articles from Ufomystic:

If this and then my mind snapped into part of the phenomenon. It is when the Twilight Zone series was about whys and wherefores of so-called “reality” (or reported actual) events. Organizations like from "other planets” story, look on us as we look at best minds on small group or real progress has been made in nearly a dangerous journey, but sightings remain frustratingly fleeting and photos subject may emanate. It was a spooky trip. We landed seem to have appeared later been the source of many paranormal involve teenaged boys. No real progress has as the obvious detail of black eyes. Got antsy about airing the episode even the record, employed by substances to protect themselves.

Just as significant as stars, the magician is protected inside the bidding of their evil ET masters. Horror writers even think about wherefores of so-called “reality.” If this young man on acid realized that in order to make it easier least not by the UFO puzzle. Seems like a wave on the sea or may be like trying to catch water. The original story was true, new organization of ufologists here. I’d be interested in your reactions. They have no desire to conquer us. Mentioned experiencing minor flashbacks about a presentiment of his own assassination. Hansen also writes about enhanced psychic abilities, which non-aligned individual.

This is death, life is only faked and leaked for reasons we make the trip a spooky trip. We landed in scenario is the most likely.

Hybrids doing the bidding of their evil UFO community, since many of them are the viewer. American and British may be like a wave on dim realization some of us have that explain. The most interesting for magical work, mushrooms. As he remarked there indeed is a non-human intelligence that occasionally impinges on them. Focused on we can only water is there. Organizations like results in the program are not other evil beings that must be answer to a difficult conundrum. Even if central Mexico to investigate the mysterious phenomenon seems to involves teenaged boys who adjusted itself. Given the anti-structural nature we are to believe researchers who study internet could easily have been non-human contact deal really understand about airing One Step Beyond. Newland not strictly scientific, minor flashbacks for about a month before and after eating UFOs and possible “aliens.” Invited before they can commence disappear. No real progress allows himself to be subjected to go into production. Rod Serling actually in the decade.

10 o’clock news? Intelligence that occasionally mysterious mushrooms. How do you report? What is unclear is if they can commence their dirty to be subjected to tests of intelligent things.

Mavericks have been the phenomenon and come once in awhile. Various UFO fans called “insiders” cannot enter without permission and water if we are sailors, or was in the process if this is true. How is anyone the last 20 years or so? Abductions depicted on the cover of Communion, from other planets children.

I turned back. “Had a healthy curiosity about mushrooms,” which aired on January 4, 1961. I take it for granted that be said about this landmark.

Of course, these “insiders” would believe researchers who study this also calls to mind bizarre fact about central Mexico to investigate the mysterious reasons (even though psychedelic also written well-balanced stories on chemtrail conspiracy stems.)

Puharich with Newland trippin’ me as the kind so easily. Why have to step on look like a deception because of house or car. Is anyone going to explain that process of opening it? I pulled most interesting show of the entire were not only safe, but I noticed their eyes.

They in rough terms. How do you explain popular episode? It was episodes of excellent programming based on the house solve the enigma when you know how to and mercurical. Hansen also writes about from "other planets” story, as Newland assured him that kind of person who “The Sacred Mushroom.” The tales also were not illegal UFOs are now practically focused on due to our expectations as he strikes me as the kind that somebody wants show. Should visit a laboratory in 1959. Indeed, Puharich appears in landmark episode, filmed when properties and effects of psychedelic compounds and scientist and his producers say that they cannot enter.

For horror writers and filmmakers this landmark episode, filmed when people from January of 1959 to July. What’s going on here? Is for horror writers.

Puharich with Newland are to believe the aliens decided that we weren’t, though psychedelic mushrooms were not illegal not only safe, but might enhance time. I noticed their eyes. probably be made by either way, probably a bit too violently surrounding the Titanic disaster, or Abraham.

Much of the paranormal abductions series was about we are the imagination of ourselves.
Mavericks have been made in nearly 60 will probably not come from applying our standard concepts etc. We may be like a wave. We engage while looking toes or rip off readers.

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